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Applications For Large Touch-screens

In Flash or HTML5
Applications For Large Touch-screens

Applications For Large Touch-screens

Applications for large touch-screens are a super cool and efficient way of promoting your business or providing a particular experience to a target audience such as cames, catalogs, galleries, or even interactive maps for your facilities. I have created many applications for large touchscreens in my career, for companies, museums, tradeshows, leisure centers, and others. I have the power to create engaging interactive experiences with beautiful dynamic layouts, visual effects, physics, 3D, dynamic sound, artificial intelligence, multiple languages, and integration with several types of hardware. My applications are user friendly, appealing, and technically appealing. Get in touch with me if you are looking for a quality product.

  • Client: Many
  • Role: UI Design, Programming
  • Year: 2007 - today

Azulaico Flash Website

Flash Website
Project 02

Azulaico Flash Website

Development of touchscreen compatible Flash website.

  • Client: Azulaico Ceramics
  • Role: Flash Developer, Animation Director
  • Year: 2009

Directorio Flash Website

Flash Website
Project 03

Directorio Flash Website

Development of Flash website with custom 3D gallery.

  • Client: Directorio Furniture
  • Role: Flash Developer, Animation Director
  • Year: 2010

Arquehoje Museum

Large Touchscreen Interactive Application
Project 04

Arquehoje Touchscreen Application

Development of an interactive Flash application for a large interactive touch-screen in a museum.

  • Client: Arquehoje Museum
  • Role: Flash Developer, Animator
  • Year: 2010


My main area of activity has been crafting UI and UX for software and the internet since 1999. I've seen many faces. During this time I've watched the evolution of media in the digital world with open eyes and keen interest. With this experience, some common sense and arguably good taste, I might know exactly what image reinforcement your brand needs to be sucessful in today's world. My imagination is set in the future and I enjoy breaking away from conventions.

My areas of expertise:

Graphic Design

I'm a Graphic Designer since 1996. I provide quality Graphic Design for Screen and Print.I especially enjoy designing software interfaces / front-ends. My tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Bridge, InDesign, Kuler.

  • User Interface
  • Various types of Front-End
  • Website or Webapp Design
  • Layout Flow Planning
  • Custom Graphic Illustrations
  • Icons

Design for Print

Started creating design for print in 2001. I know the ins and outs of the CMYK world and will create work that comes out printed properly through a quality machine.

  • Logotypes
  • Corporate / Brand Identity
  • Flyers
  • Posters


As a programmer I am most experienced in creating animated interactive interfaces. It is an art I am particularly fond of. Started with Flash back in 1999, moving to AS3 and Adobe AIR. Today I'm venturing into HTML/CSS/JavaScript and I'm enjoying it very much especially given the existence of CSS pre-processors. I enjoy clean OOP and design patterns. I strive to produce readable, reusable code. I have the power to create engaging interactive experiences using 3D, Physics, visual effects, dynamic sound, artificial intelligence, multiple languages, integration with hardware like phidgets, lasers, and others.

  • Websites (HTML5 or Flash)
  • Rich Internet Applications (HTML5 or Flash)
  • Interactive applications for the web or for software (HTML5 or Flash)
  • Animations, automatic or interactive
  • Web Banners
  • Games
  • E-Learning software
  • Standalone Image / Video galleries
  • Portable software or presentations

Audio / Music

I've been creating music and audio since 1996. I can create audio for a wide range of applications and I can make the final production of your latest hit. I am also an enthusiastic guitarist and hobbyist DJ - you can find me on soundcloud

  • Jingles
  • Company Presentations
  • Product Presentations
  • Games
  • Sound Effects
  • Video Soundtracks
  • Music Production

What People Say

Antonio Brandao is the best Flash / HTML user interface designer/programmer I had chance to know in my whole professional life. His perfectionism dealing with small animation details and layout flow are simply outstanding. Antonio is one of those skills that you would want to have by your side. Nuno Santos, owner at Imaginando
Antonio Brandao is a brilliant guy and pleasure to work with. His deep knowledge and understanding of technology is perfectly balanced with an accurate eye for design and a sense of visual style and structure that you can't find in too many professionals out there. He is a truly creative developer and you jut can't help it to have fun with him around. I definitely recommend Antonio for anyone looking for a top-notch multimedia developer. José Cardoso, Senior Designer at
António Brandao is driven and passionate about his work. He has an excellent eye for design and the technical skills to back it up. Always in a good mood, he gets inspiration from life and in turn inspires others. Ricardo Pereira, Dynamind Team Leader at Neo7even
Antonio Brandao is a perfeccionist, with a great sensitivity for crafting motion and great user experiences. He is able to successfuly combine technology and art in all projects he is involved in. Frederico Garcia, Mobile Client Engineer at Plumbee